2 min readDec 31, 2022

GYM — WORKOUT: Do you enjoy being healthy?

Hi, this is a article about the negative side of working out, simply put when you start to workout and do it often, you eventually become an slave for training. (Yes you enjoy it.)

On Monday you do push-ups, stomach crunches and also run the threadmill for 30 min. Then its Tuesday you will continue with some weight lifts 10kg — 15kg max on both arms, you add some more stomach crunches and also do 30 min on the Crosstrainer. Now its Wednesday, you find out that its good to do a walk outside for 30 min and then some burpies for 10 min and finish with stretching.

Thursday your work invite you for a beverage event at the pub (after work) you accept and skip workout. Friday you wont have any problem working out because you only had one beverage. You will actually be back in time to the office and kind of responsive.

Saturday and Sunday is best days for working out, you have the whole day to plan for this. You begin with sleeping extra long and have a super healthy big breakfast then you drive out to the woods with your dog or girlfriend and walk for 2–4 hours (similar to golf) you also like to add some pushu-ps and try the gym that they have built in these areas, mostly chin-ups! :)

So now you think well this sound kind healthy….but its not? No it ain’t. Eventually you will get injuries and some kind of damage to your muscle groups because we have the same issues like horses, if they get pushed liked this every day and 5 years pass, the body will eventually say to you: its enough, you are also getting older every year.

With that said, training is the best life style out there, but take a break and enjoy being fat when you can. If you have any questions regarding this post please send me an e-mail: the.k.official.follow.the.story@gmail.com (I know the too long, that’s the point, so you don’t e-mail me. )


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